A well-planned surveillance system is mandatory for every successful business. You must have a full insight into what’s going on around your company. MRG offers some great solutions for the issue.


Remote monitoring


Intelligent surveillance


Inventory management

surveillance, remote monitoring and inventory management

Remote Monitoring

By integrating our systems, you can remotely monitor every single one of your employees, sales, inventory, transactions, and more. Also, you can set up the system to send you alerts via PC or smartphone if anything goes wrong.

Intelligent Surveillance

Motion-sensor cameras are not a new addition to the market by any means. However, they are extremely useful when used for identification of peculiar movements around any facility. For example, having a surveillance is great if you are running an atm business. The good thing about these units is that they can differentiate background motion (such as rain or trees) from individuals.

Inventory Management

Cameras can identify a particular object visually and handle your inventory list accordingly. Automated reorders are a great thing for alleviating some of the pressure related to stock and supplies management.

surveillance, remote monitoring and inventory management

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